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    Change in POREQCHA

    Manoj J C

      We need a change in POREQCHA.wft

      I am very new to workflow, therefore need help before customizing seeded workflow.

      If a requisition is changed with decreased amount or quantity, then notification should not be sent to the buyer.

      Please help.

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          I realise this post is now quite old but I have just implemented something similar. My advice would be to create a custom attribute that is set in POREQCHA if the amount or quantity is decreased. Then, in the POAPPRV (PO Approval) workflow, add a custom function to the Raise Change Event process that uses the po_change_requests table to link back to the POREQCHA workflow and get the value of the custom attribute. Then create a custom version of the "Send Supp Communication for Retroactively changed releases" function that checks this value and returns it, if set, or runs the standard function, if not set.