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    Sql Developer does not start correctly

      Many times when I start SQL Developer, it appears to start correctly, but does not show me the connections that I have already defined. If I try to add a connection, I get an error "Could not load connection type: Teradata null". When this happens, I cannot add a connection.

      Many times, if I end the application and start it again, then it works fine, but it is aggrevating.

      I know that it is not a problem with the server because at the same time that SQL developer is not working, I can connect to the database through SQL Plus. I also know that it is not a problem with tnsnames.ora because I have not changed that in several months, and sometimes it works.

      Is there some sort of setting someplace that I can use to correct thise? I have had to restart as many as 6 times to get an instance that works correctly.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Cathy,

          You do not mention any details about your environment: SQL Developer version, OS, Java JDK version, third party JDBC drivers installed, and so on. That might help get a better answer. However, here are a couple of possibilities...

          Do not use Java jdk1.7.0. Use jdk.1.6.0_11 or higher (up to _27) instead. With 1.7, Connection view may not appear.

          or try this...

          a) Export all your Connections
          b) Exit SQL Developer
          c) Delete C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\SQL Developer\system<x.x.x.x> (or equivalent)
          d) Start SQL Developer and decline to migrate preferences from a prior installation
          e) Import the connections xml file created in step (a).

          The later approach sets all preferences to default values and clears up any corruption that may be present.

          SQL Developer Team