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    WebCenter / BPM / UCM

      Hello All!

      I am new to Oracle Fusion Middleware and am hoping to find some initial guidance to get started! I'd like to utilize Webcenter to integrate repository advanced searching with UCM and document workflow with BPM.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on where to begin as far as tutorials for integrating these three items and/or examples I can review?

      Thanks Everyone!
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          Yannick Ongena
          What exactly do you mean by "integrate repository advanced searching "?
          You can build custom search components by using the RIDC API or the JCR Data controls.

          There is also a BPM component to integrate UCM with BPM for the workflow. Webcenter will show an icon if the document is in a workflow and will allow the users to approve or reject a document.
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            did you ever go through the following blog -


            for your need.

            I think ,you can get basic idea and required steps to perform your activity.
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              I have a requirement where i need to integrate BPM 11g and UCM to fetch the document and Show it in ADF UI.

              Throw some idea please... its very urgent.

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                Take a look here: https://blogs.oracle.com/bpmtech/entry/handling_humantask_attachments_in_oracle1 or http://www.unitask.com/oracledaily/2012/03/30/handling-humantask-attachments-in-oracle-bpm-11g-ps4fp-i/