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Hyperion EPM Custom Authentication - Problem

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I'm configuring Hyperion Shared Services to use custom authentication. I follow step by step process in documentation but I keep getting this error and I have no clue what's went wrong or where should I fix.

In the documentation says that if I use class and package name different from the default, I have to specify the full path in Security Options - Authentication Module, however, it says error:

An error was encountered while performing this operation.
And when I checked the log, it says:

2011-10-13 15:12:31,184 ERROR [http-28080-Processor1] com.hyperion.css.web.config.util.extauth.CSSProperties.getSecurityAgent(Unknown Source) -- Error occured while loading the configuration file
2011-10-13 15:12:31,184 ERROR [http-28080-Processor1] com.hyperion.css.web.config.util.extauth.CSSProperties.getSsoMode(Unknown Source) -- Error occured while loading the configuration file
2011-10-13 15:12:31,184 ERROR [http-28080-Processor1] com.hyperion.css.web.config.util.extauth.CSSProperties.getSsoValue(Unknown Source) -- Error occured while loading the configuration file

I also tried inputting default class name (that is: com.hyperion.css.custom.CustomAuthenticationImpl), but it says the same error.

Anyone has experience or knowledge using custom authentication or with this problem?

I've put my ".jar" into WEB-INF/lib of interop.war and %HYPERION_HOME%\common\CSS\\lib and re-deploy the Shared Services modulo, but the error persists.

I've wrote a sample classe, follow the code:

package com.hyperion.css.custom;

import java.util.Map;
import com.hyperion.css.CSSCustomAuthenticationIF;

public class CustomAuthenticationImpl implements CSSCustomAuthenticationIF {

     public String authenticate(Map context,String userName,
String password) throws Exception{

          String authenticatedUserName = null;
          Boolean authenticationSuccessFlag = true;
          password = null;
          authenticatedUserName = userName;

catch (Exception e){
return authenticatedUserName;



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