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    Missing Feature of APEX Listener

    David Pulliam
      This just seems like something that is missing or hard to find. When the database goes down, APEX Listener just displays a generic nondescript error message that tills people nothing. What I would like to see is the ability to set this message from the configuration file or Administration interface. What would be even better would be the ability to have it display different messages based on the time and day of the week (so during the maintenance window it would just say that the system is down for maintenance and come back later as our app server admin and db admin are two different people and neither accesses the other person's servers but other times it would say there was an actual problem). A nice feature going beyond this would be to have the ability to actually have the APEX Listener redirect people to a page on a different web server when the system is down. Even just the ability to set a redirect URL would work fine.