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    Informatica Powercenter Repository connection issue in BIC2g-BI-LNX-2009

      I have the BIC2g-BI-LNX-2009 image installed in a partition in my laptop.
      I launch it using my VMWare player. My host PC OS is Windows 2008 Server Standard R2.
      Everything is working fine so far except the Informatica client.

      I recently installed the Informatica Power Center 8.6.0 client in the host OS,
      as per the instruction given in [Page 52] of BIC2g-BI-LNX_June2009_Client_Install_Guide.pdf

      Then I tried to add a repository as in Page 69 of that document.
      After Step 4 and Step 5. I received the following error message.

      Step 4: Add a domain
      Step 5: Configure Domain

      Unable to get repositories for domain Domain_Oracle2go.

      Error: [PCSF_46008] Cannot connect to domain [Domain_Oracle2go]
      to look up service [coreservices/DomainConfigurationService].

      Has anyone else encountered the issue? I'm completely new to Informatica.
      Any fix for this?