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    will php-5.3 soon available on Solaris 11 ?

      hello all,
      i'm using PHP-52 on Solaris 11 Express, but we need 5.3 for a new app. I know i can install it from sources, (http://openscw.org for instance), but i wonde if 53 is planned for Solaris?
      Or is there an official way to install it on my own, integrating it with the bundled Apache?

      thanks in advance for help,

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          Hey there,

          Well your not getting replies because this forum is really about PHP and OCI_8 or Oracle to PHP connectivity in more general terms.

          Sadly we cannot help you with your quest to get the latest version of PHP onto your Solaris box.

          You could try the Main PHP website to see if there is an RPM for your OS version though.

          Best of Luck