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    BI Publisher Server down very often


      We generate reports (RTF File) in siebel environment using BIP server. The BIP server(XMLP server) goes down very often and i need to restart the services everytime. Is there any way to identify the cause or any resolution for the issue.

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          Robert Ponder

          This is definitely not the correct behavior. We have BIP running at a number of our accounts and don’t have this issue.

          We would have to work with you and look at the log files and other things to diagnose the issue.

          Robert Ponder
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            Is this Windows/Linux/Unix?

            How do you start BI Publisher? (With EM, QWeblogic, standalone? What command specifically?)

            Do you have any logs to help us help you? E.g., if you started with nohup is there anything in nohup.out?

            Without more information we cannot help.
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              Hi Balaji,

              Oracle have published a revised 'Siebel Reports Guide' that contains a number of things to investigate if you're having BIP problems:


              In particular, check out the link entitled 'About Enabling Logging for the Oracle BI Publisher Server' - this will allow you to obtain detailed log files from BIP and, I'd imagine, make it very easy for you to identify the causes of the crashes.

              As ever, we're a community that's here to help - please post up any errors that you find, and are unable to resolve, and we'll all do what we can to help.