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    Not able to create a new FDM application -

    rajneesh sharma

      I have installed Hyperion FDM on win2008 and oracle 10g. After installation, I configured it to authenticate with shared services. Everything else like Load balance, application server are configured. I can login to FDM web url using the shared services admin user. But when i go on to create a new application ( i give the application name, the oracle database schema name, the folder in the local hard drive), it takes forever to create the application. I keep on getting the message 'Processing, Please wait..' message. I see that it created 4 folders ( data, inbox, reports, outbox) but i don't see any tables in the schema. The web console never comes back. But i dont get any sort of error.

      It appears that IIS has hung up. But i can still get http://localhost.

      How can i find whats going on.

      Please help.

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