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    11i to R12 upgrade preparation and guidance after multiple errors

      This seems like a nice place to get some help. The MOS help I have received so far hasn't been so great.

      I am trying to figure out how to proceed from where I am right now. Here's what I have:

      Project: upgrade to R12

      1) Successfully installed MW version 2.18 and completed the 1st four steps under the "Configuration" category (I have not yet laid down the R12 code tree)

      - Tried step "1.6-Apply patch 7429271" and it failed:

      --- The script being run is "get_from_url_1703_7429271.sh".
      --- When running the script manually this error occurs:
      --- "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/support/mw/AruExecutor"

      Needless to say it cannot download the patch.

      2) I thought that I might install the LivePatch release 2.19 patch (12728371)

      - I tried to install this patch using the "auto-install" method via "Configuration -> LivePatch" and recieved this error:

      --- "The requested URL /pls/EOF/eof_manage_livepatch.main_page was not found on this server".

      I think that I can install v2.19 manually if need be.

      3a) Moving forward should I apply MW version 2.19 patch manually and try again with step 1.6? Is v 2.19 important at this stage?

      3b) I can down download patch 7429271 manually but will further patch downloads fail? Should I insist on getting this issue fixed before continuing?

      What is the best path for continuing?

      Thanks, Chaz