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    SL500 Drive Error

      Hi All,

      I have the following error in a Sun STK SL500.

      The drive is an Original Sun drive and has Sun part numbers on it...


      Result_code: 0000

      Activity_Code: 0000

      State_Code: 0000

      subsystem: (LSM.rail.column.row)

      Source: VMonitor

      VMonitor Drive Init Incompatible Drive in a STK Library Interface Type Is HP Fibre For Drive ID2


      Like i said above the drive is an orginal sun with Sun P/N's on it so I dont understand why its saying it's not compatible....

      Thanks in advance.
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          It's old library or new installation ?
          All drive new or some was replaced / added ?

          Required minimum version library FW depending of installed Tape Drive.

          What type/model Tape Drive installed and what version of library FW ?