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    Multi Currency planning Application(Xchange rate not pushed to Essbase)

      In planning Application "ABC"
      If i change the values manually in "EXCHANGE RATE TABLE"

      after i refresh the data into the Essbase
      and run "HSPCRTB"
      the value changes in the Spreadsheet... (i.e Exchange rates are visible)

      But when i follow the same process for the n Planning Application "XYZ"
      The Spreadsheet is not showing the Xchange rate values..
      "XYZ" this application is built 2 years ago but.. this is the first time i am using for currency.
      i.e Exchange rates.. values to input
      Is there anything i need to do for the first time when i input the FX rates and push into the essbase?

      Can you please suggest me for further process of
      "Xchange rates to be visible in Essbase" ?

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