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    jumpstart server questions


      We setup a jumpstart server on a X2100 using Solaris 10 10 2009 release. This server successfully installs solaris 10 on a few X series systems, and two T1000 systems. Solaris 10 08 2011 was recently downloaded from Oracle, and copied to the jumpstart server using: ./setup_install_server /usr/solaris_dvd/sol10sparc_082011 from the 082011 dvd. The problem we are having is that when a jumpstart of Solaris 10 sparc 082011 is tried on one of our T1000's it falls into interactive mode. The exact same jumpstart (jumpstart directory, rules file, sysidcfg file) installation works, e.g. it completes without going into interactive mode, if it is done using the add_install client command from the solaris 10 sparc 10 2009 release. Note all of our solaris 10 releases were copied to the same server in the same root directory /usr/solaris_dvd, and are shared out anon via nfs.

      Should we be able to copy the latest releases of Solaris 10 into the Solaris 10 OS staging area (/usr/solaris_dvd), and use it to install the OS from our jumpstart server without upgrading the jumpstart server to the newer versions of Solaris 10? From my reads of the jumpstart manual that was what I thought could be done. Below is the output of the failed jumpstart installation just before going into interactive mode. It;s as if it does not like the sysidconfig file or something in it.

      Using RPC Bootparams for network configuration information.
      Attempting to configure interface bge3...
      Skipped interface bge3
      Attempting to configure interface bge2...
      Skipped interface bge2
      Attempting to configure interface bge1...
      Skipped interface bge1
      Attempting to configure interface bge0...
      Configured interface bge0
      Setting up Java. Please wait...
      Serial console, reverting to text install
      Beginning system identification...
      Searching for configuration file(s)...
      Search complete.
      Discovering additional network configuration...

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