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    MapViewer and  ADF

      Hi All,
      I am trying to develop an ADF web application using JDeveloper showing Maps. The maps are created by MapBuilder by someone else. I just need to create an interface with ability for users to choose which themes to view and refresh the themes every 30 seconds and be able to query the data to show details on map.
      I have so far able to get the dvt:map component to display the base map and several predefined themes.

      How can I implement the functionality of refresh and allow the user to select which themes to display based on check inputs and query spatial data?

      So far I have not used javascript anywhere. How should I go implementing the functionality, is it possible to avoid javascript altogether. There is no book or proper code examples for this and making life difficult?

      Please suggest how to proceed.


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          If you are working at the ADF level, it's best to ask the DVT GeoMap related questions in the JDev/ADF forum. Even though based on an embedded mapViewer server (or the externally hosted maps.oracle.com service), the DVT GeoMap component provides its own interface and tooling which hides/limits what you can do with the underlying Mapviewer JS API.

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            You need create the THEMEs with mapbuilder, using tables with column geometry type for data geometry.

            Later in ADF you can use dvt:mapColorTheme for show the THEMEs on map, is not necesary add THEME to BASE MAP on Mapbuilder.

            Is very easy use THEME (based on table with geometry data) for show in map on demand.

            May be next week I public a How To ... for more details.