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    Screen blank on boot up

      I have a SunFire V490

      Recently when the server is rebooted the screen goes blank from when the CDE is shutdown to when it is started up again.

      Has anyone got any ideas what might be causing this?

      I've had a quick look in messages but can't find anything in there. I've had a look at eeprom:

      eeprom | grep device

      From what I have read this is valid.

      It does run through a KVM but I have also tried it with a monitor and keyboard plugged directly in but got the same problem.

      Many thanks
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          POST output is been redirected to the serial port. ¿Do you have the RSC configured on this box? When RSC is configured we suggest to redirect POST and console through it.


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            We've not got RSC configured although I have been looking into it since we had this problem.

            Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by POST?

            If I set output_device to 'console' - should that solve the issue?

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              POST: Power On Self Test

              POST is a PROM-resident piece of software that resides in the on-board flash PROM of the I/O board. POST performs simple, component level, hardware fault detection and isolation tests on the server hardware.

              When you say: "....Recently when the server is rebooted....". Rebooting means that Server will go into POST. So I guess this is the why you see that "screen goes blank". POST output is redirected to the serial port.

              With the RSC configured you will be able to see POST in the console and check for any HW condition. Actually I will suggest that you install it. It will help you in a future to detect the root cause of unexplained reboots, system crash, etc.


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                Hi Sergio

                For now I have changed the eeprom parameters to 'keyboard' for input and 'screen' for output and I was at last able to see the machine boot up.

                I haven't yet configured RSC - that's next on my list!

                Thank you for your assistance.