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    HR_6153_ALL_PROCEDURE_FAIL error

      When i am trying to deposit the time into hsc blocks time using hxc_timestore_deposit into OTL tables. Please let me know i am receiving HR_6153_ALL_PROCEDURE_FAIL error. Please advise.

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl post details of OS, database and EBS versions, along with the complete error stack. Search MOS for "HR_6153_ALL_PROCEDURE_FAIL" and you will get several hits - see if they can help solve your issue

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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
            Please see these docs.

            Ora-20001: Hr_6153_all_procedure_fail: N, Procedure When Submitting Timecard [ID 301178.1]
            Some Timecards Not Retrieved Due To Error 'ORA-20001: HR_6153_ALL_PROCEDURE_FAIL: N, PROCEDURE, Transfer To Otm, N, STEP, Bld Blk Mismatch' [ID 818048.1]
            PYTSHPRI: Transfer Time from OTL to BEE, Errors With ORA-20001: HR_6153_ALL_PROCEDURE_FAIL [ID 1091370.1]
            OTL Workflow for Employees Is Failing with Error ORA-20001 [ID 182911.1]
            Terminating an Employee and Receiving Error Message App-Pay-06153 [ID 421752.1]
            OTL Vacation Accrual Balance Time Entry Rule Creates Error on Timecard [ID 270848.1]