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    Provider Services is hung


      While working with SmartView, sometimes we get an error
      "Cannot connect to provider because: Cannot connect to provider. Make sure it is running in the specified host/port. Error(503)."

      We find that the APS service is now hung.
      Can you let us know how to find if the APS service is hung ? Or for that matter, to find any hyperion service like EAS, Shared Services, Essbase, is hung.
      We are on a Solaris box and we would like to schedule a script that finds if the service is "hung". If yes, we want to intimate some users.

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          Mehmet Sevinc
          Hi Pawan,

          Have you checked the logs? Any additional info would be helpful.

          I'd also recommend you open an SR with Oracle. There could be many reasons behind this and it would be really hard for anyone here to respond to your question without knowing about your environment settings.

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            Checking the logs is fine. But I want to know if the check can be done automatically.
            Going through the logs is one way. I want to know if there is any other way to do this check automatically.

            Also, this is a generic question. I mean, this happens periodically with my APS. So just want to write a script to check if this happens without any manual intervention.

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              Nicholas King
              I believe the idea is to fix the underlying problem instead of writing a work around. Hyperion should not hang or require frequent restarts. Look into the issues, create tickets, look for patches, check memory settings...etc... That will be much less work in the long run...

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                First the issue should be fixed.

                Apart from that as you want to implemment some script to check the aps services, (mine is Solaris box too :) )

                /usr/ucb/ps -auwwx | grep -v grep | egrep -c aps

                If the aps is up then it return 1 else 0. Use this commnad in script and automate that to run for say every five mins or so and mail it to the admin if service is down.

                Vikas Naidu

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                  Manoj G
                  Genereally when you have a few stuck threads in weblogic then services get in a hung state.This is my observation.So looking for the keyword 'stuck thread' in aps app log could be one way.