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    REMOTE_USER missing on a WebGate IIS in Windows 2008 R2

    Juan Valero
      Hi all,

      We are trying to integrate an application with OAM. The application is running on a Windows 2008 R2. I've managed to install OAM webgate successfully and I’ve configured a domain policy. The version I installed is "Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_CR1_Win64_ISAPI_WebGate"

      The application is a commercial application that expects who has been authenticated in the REMOTE_USER server variable. I've defined the header variable in the policy domain. For checking the header values I have a simple ASP page (you can see at the end of the post). I've tried with other different header variables (for example OAMUSER) and I can obtain correctly the value.

      I've noticed that there is a variable called HTTP_AUTHORIZATION. An example of this variable is
      HTTP_AUTHORIZATION = Basic anVhbi52YWxlcm86SGlkZGVuQnlPYmxpeE5ldFBvaW50AA==

      If you decode the base64 value, you obtain "juan.valero:HiddenByOblixNetPoint", which the user's uid. I'm not sure if this is related, but maybe it can help you for helping me.

      Does anybody manage to obtain the REMOTE_USER variable on a IIS 7.5 in Windows 2008 R2?

      Do I need to configure IIS to obtain the values of these header variables? Could anybody help me?

      Thank you very much.


      ------------- headers.asp -----------------------
      for each header in Request.ServerVariables
      response.write header & " = " & Request.ServerVariables(header) & " <br><br> "