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    Installation problems

      Our company has a 508-compliant Java applet that supports Jaws. We've recently been trying to test it on 64 bit Windows 7, so started by installing JAB 2.0.2. We have multiple QA people at sites in the U.S., Ireland, and Vietnam that have been trying to accomplish this. Of 7 different laptops we've only been able to get it to work on 2 of them, and then only until they were rebooted, at which point they stopped working, and no amount of reinstalling will fix it. We've tried various combinations of JRE's and JDK's and Jaws versions with no luck.

      The problem was reported to Freedom Scientific (the makers of Jaws) and they blame the access bridge. When running Jaws with our applet it behaves exactly as if the access bridge was not installed; it reads the strings we programatically force it to read, but it won't automatically read the accessible info of any components. We've all independently verified that we're using 64 bit JRE's, the latest Jaws (12 & 13 beta) and 64 bit IE8 and IE9. I've done the manual install of JAB so many times now I can do it in my sleep.

      I've been scouring the web looking for similar reports but haven't found anything. Has anybody here heard of any issues with installing JAB 2.0.2 on Windows 7?