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    [HELP] Multiple Instance of MDB Registering as Single MessageEndPoint!!!

    Sheeraz Junejo

      I have deployed a MDB which act as a MessageEndPoint when anything receives on my 'listener' (say Batch listener) interface.

      I have configured/deployed multiple instances of this MDB (each with different listeners) to activate/register multiple MessageEndPoint for listeners BUT the problem is that it registers only One MDB instance as MessageEndPoint for all my listeners (Just checked in my Plugin RA Monitoring table, as all my listeners are packaged within a RA i.e. .rar file within .ear) rather than separate for each.

      NOTE: I am using WebLogic Application Server 10.3.3_

      Let me know if you need more information regarding my setup as I am using my Deployment descriptor to achieve all of this. Your comments and help will be appreciated.