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    Two questions

      Hi everyone,

      this is my first approach to Exadata world. My company have bought a 1-1/4 Exadata Rack. There are 40 databases for all environments.

      Is it possible a "Split Rack" with a quarter of rack and assign 1TB for testing patches (A separate environment for testing patches and upgrades )?.

      2. I plan several diskgroups (one for each database or at least one for each important database, two or three) with interleaving but I don´t know how to control what physical disks are used by what diskgroups. This is, if a disk fails, all grid disks depending of that disk will be affected and all diskgroups with extents on that disk will also "fail" (or will be affected). Is there any way to assign or map or prevent a disk to be used by a diskgroup in a similar way as I can specify raw disks for ASM?. The idea is to avoid a diskgroup or a database to be affected by the failure of disks of other one.

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          Not sure I understood your first question.
          To the second question:
          I recommend first that you review that requirement (creating diskgroups for each database). The standard approach is to spread all databases across the same (2) diskgroups DATA & RECO.
          If you insist on your strategy then yes, that can be done with Storage Security.
          See here for details:

          Kind regards
          Uwe Hesse

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            Thank you Uwe,

            about my first question. As we haven´t an environment for testing patches and upgrades, the only way is to apply patches directly on the production environment with all risks it implies to. Mi idea consists of a separate little partition or split the 1/4 rack and use it for testing. The basis for the idea is:


            however my Exadata is 1/4, not a half. Do you think is it possible?.

            Best regards.
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              The smallest configuration possible with Exadata (if you want a redundant configuration) is to have 3 storage servers. Because that is all that's in your environment, you can't really divide it further. ASM on Exadata is configured so that each cell is a failure group. Because a diskgroup containing OCR and voting files requires 3 failure groups for normal redundancy, you need 3 storage servers. On a quarter rack, there really isn't anywhere to create an environment to isolate for storage server patching.

              Remember that bundle patches can be applied to non-Exadata databases. While you won't really be able to test all functionality with them, you can practice applying them.
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                Thank you Andy, very clear explanation.

                And the last one (I promise ...). Does anyone know if vm image will be public?, this question is intended for Oracle employees. I think it is very important a test software for testing. In my case, with an only quarter of rack and without development environment it is very necessary to avoid risks and I suppose this problem is shared by many customers.

                Thank you for you help, very userful.
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                  This question has been asked before by others and the answer has been consistent: no VM images are planned for release. Answering why not is above my pay grade, so you'll have to theorize that part.
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                    Thank you Dan, I hope not to upset anyone with my question.

                    Best regards.