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    Pen Drive is not detected from my Solaris OS

      from my Solaris 10 OS my pen drive is undetected .Please help how to detect my pen drive .
      The configuration of my system :
      1) Solaris 10
      Q) The OS is installed using VirtualBox , Host machine is Windows 7 ?
      Q) My pen drive is working with other OS like Windows 7 .
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          Thanks. Have you configured the Solaris Virtual Machine to allow USB Passthrough? ie: are you allowing the guest to see USB devices or is USB disabled? See https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch03.html#idp11184832 for how to configure this.

          If you can see other USB devices in Solaris, such as portable or desktop hard drives, then it could be an incompatibility between Solaris and the USB drive itself. Solaris doesn't support all usb drives/pens.