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    Making a particular cells in  JBook/SpreadSheet read only

      I am new to Swing applications.
      I am trying to add an excel to GUI using swing. I am using com.f1j.swing.engine.ss.JBook.
      My requirement is I get data from backend and I write it to an excel sheet which is added to GUI. and in that Excel sheet some cell has too be read-only and some has to be editable. As data is dynamic i need to determine this during run time.
      Can some one help me in making particular cells read-only.

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          You would have to start by looking at the documentation for that class and other related classes. You'll notice that it isn't part of the standard Java API, from my 30 seconds of googling it appears to be from something called "Formula One for Java". It isn't likely that there are a lot of competent users of that package reading this obscure and irrelevant forum, so the chances of you getting an answer here are small.

          So start by reading the docs. If that doesn't help, look for the forum or the mailing list related to the product (whatever it actually is). If you paid money for it there should be support available from the people you paid the money to.