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    Policies for URL's with question mark (?) in Access Manager 7.1.2

      I have an environment with Access Manager 7.1 patch 2 and OpenSSO 3.0 Web Policy Agent (Apache). Apparently, with the 3.0 agents the wildcard * no longer matches the query string separator (?) in a URL accordining to Appendix C in the manual (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19681-01/820-5816/820-5816.pdf).

      ie; http://AgentHost.com:8080/sampleapp/main.jsp?language=en&country=US.

      The solution, is to add a policy similar to this - http://example.com:80/*?*, it requires a wildcard before and after the ?, but the ? must be specifically included.

      My problem is that in AM 7.1 patch 2 it will not allow me to create a policy with that format, *?*. When I try, it says it is successful but when I view the policy the ?* is stripped off leaving only the first wildcard.

      Has anyone delt with this issue? I am looking for a solution with Access Manager 7, upgrading to OpenSSO 8.x is not an option at this time.