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    Trying to write a custom chat client/server app

      Hey guys,

      Can someone tell me the best approach for accomplishing the following :

      - write a custom javascript based GUI, that connects and communicates with a chat server via XMPP
      - use an existing oracle server product that provides chat service capabilities. It stores user and group chats.
      - This server allows a developer to write custom event handlers. For example, when a message is to be sent to a group of users, my custom event handler can perform some custom tasks, prior to the message being sent. Another example, is when an invite() message is to be sent, my custom invite handler could perform some custom tasks prior to the invite being sent.

      On the client side, I would have a simple chat javascript web UI, that runs in a browser like firefox or ie. This UI would have a look and feel of like a facebook chat, but with some customizations added. My javascript would listen for connect to the XMPP server specified above, and it would listen for incoming messages(ie. invites, data messages, presence, etc).

      Can someone provide me with suggestions on server products I can use to accomplish this task? The main thing is that the server sent/received XMPP and it allowed me to write custom event handlers as described above.
      Can someone provide me with any javascript helper products that would make XMPP parsing easier?

      Any suggestions you have would be very helpfu?

      Thanks in advance ..