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    OSP PO in advance

      We have an requirement to create OSP PO upfront prior to JOB release.Supplier requires the PO inorder to process the OSP service. Client doesnot want to create PO manually and link the JOB ond operations later.

      1. Setup B2B process for make assembly.
      2. Create SO for assembly and Book it .(Without schedule ship date)
      3. Create OSP PO for subassembly (for OSP step and OSP item)
      4. Get confirmation from supplier regarding the PO accepatnce.
      5. Now Populate the Schedule schip date in sale order. Progress to create a WIP job.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You cannot create an OSP PO in advance.
          If your supplier is looking for a commitment, you can consider the following workaround.
          Create a blanket PO with the supplier in advance. That will give a financial commitment to the supplier.
          And then follow usual OSP process. Use Blanket PO on the ASL.
          This way, the OSP will create a release for the supplier.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Thanks for input. We proposed the same solution previously. But the problem here is OSP will have the item associated to it but the nature of OSP depends on the OSP PO line description. To be specific OSP is a Painting process. The 'OSP' item is 'Paint' and the description depends like Red, Green, sand finish etc and manually entered and priced during the PO process. Let me know if we have any other alternative.

            Thanks for your time.

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              You can create a blanket release and the manually add the Red/Green/Blue to the release (either in the description or as attachment to the release). This won't be much different than adding the color to the standard po.

              Hope this helps,
              Sandeep Gandhi