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    Weird problem with apex.submit and using the showWait indicator

      We have a page where we are running some javascript when the apply changes button is pressed and then at the very end of the Javascript we call an explicit apex.submit like this:
      We have one user with IE8 that is having a problem that seems to be associated with the showWait indicator. The form brings up the indicator (screen goes gray and he gets the animated spinning "candy cane" (as I call it)) but gets a Javascript error and the screen locks up. His error says "tagName is null or not an object" at line 97 column 4. Viewing the page source though reveals nothing of the sort (so this error is more likely in the javascript library and not local on the page).

      Both he and I are on the same version of IE8:
      8.0.6001 build 18.702
      128 bit

      I have the same version of IE8 and do not have the problem. Other users with IE are not having this problem either (although I haven't checked their versions).

      He tried Firefox and it's not a problem with Firefox.

      However he has Java installed on his machine, build 26:
      java 1.6.0_26

      Mine is build 29 though.

      (And would Java even make a difference? Java and Javascript aren't really the same thing right? Because this all should be able to work w/o Java installed at all right?)

      Anyway, if I switch the code on the page to call "apex.submit(vRequest);" he doesn't have the problem in IE anymore so that's why we were able to narrow it down to the use of the showWait indicator.

      Anyone have this problem before with the showWait indicator? Solution? Some setting in MSIE that we're missing? We functionally do like the showWait indicator and would like to keep it.