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    Error while configuring HTTP Gateway for IM Server


      Has anyone seen this error before?? I'm getting it while I'm trying to configure IM on Oracle Communications Suite instance. To confiure I'm doing


      From there, I'm trying to enable HTTP Gateway deploy.

      However, I keep the getting the following error, after I specify the Admin server url

      Unable to determine configuration info for the specified URL
      Please verify the information and retry

      I've checked the to make sure the admin server matches that admin server URL of the app server I'm running, and it seems to be the same. I can get to my admin console from a browser using the same url.

      I am using glassfish 2.1.1 as my appserver, and I'm using Oracle Communications Suite 7 update 2, as my comm server.

      Should I even be specifying the glassfish server for that option. I am unsure. I haven't been able to find any documentation that clearly explains that option.

      Any clues??