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    patchadd hangs during capacity check

      I'm having a difficult time trying to patch a Solaris 10 VM (x86, update 7). Trying to install a single patch from the Update 9 patch bundle, I'm doing the following:

      bash-3.00# patchadd /tmp/patches/119255-76

      <lots of stuff>

      Verifying sufficient filesystem capacity (dry run method)

      And it basically just stops there. I've left it running overnight last night. The root partition is at ~82% capacity, the /tmp partition is ~1% (swap partition). TMPDIR=/tmp.

      I don't know what else to try and I'm not familiar enough with solaris to know any tricks. This is a VM and I've taken a snapshot before doing any patching so I'm not opposed to trying something risky if anyone has any ideas.

      Well, thanks for any info at all or any tips :)
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          It turns out that, if I use pkgadd it also hangs. Both patchadd and pkgadd will hang and, using truss, it appears they're both sleeping waiting on an event. I haven't dug in deep enough to figure out what event. I'm wondering if there are any "brute force" mechanisms I can use to get these patches applied to this system (?) Like I said, I've snapshotted it and it's not a critical machine, I just need to have this machine upgraded. Thanks for any info.