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    ASM remove database error

      Hello all,
      i have a standalone server with asm and a database installed. after installation of grid then database. i created a database called name1. I used DBID to change the name from name1 to name2 and when i look at ASM the resource for name1 is still there
      crsctl status res -t
      resource etc...
      resource etc...

      so as grid user i enter
      srvctl remove db -d name1
      Remove the database name1? (y/[n]) y
      PRKO-3077 : Failed to remove database name1: PRCD-1032 : Failed to remove database resource name1PRCR-1028 : Failed to remove resource ora.name1.db
      PRCR-1072 : Failed to unregister resource ora.name1.db
      CRS-0254: authorization failure

      what i need is to remove the resource and add the proper resource or modify the resource? after many google searches they keep coming up with unlock the grid home.
      can any of you help me or suggest ?

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