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    How call my apex at another computer??

      hy all,

      I want ask, how call my application on apex at another computer?
      for example : my finishing apex application in computer A but i want call in computer B in same network or
      call in public network(use internet).

      can help me???


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          This might be a question better answered on the APEX forum - Oracle Application Express (APEX)

          It depends on what you mean by "call my application". APEX is web-based, and you can run your application from any computer that has a supported (and sometimes a non-supported but standards-observing) browser, as long as your network allows access on the correct IP port. You'll need to talk to your system and/or network administrator if there is some obstruction, like a firewall between your client computer and your server.

          You can also run the APEX Listener or Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql on one server, and the database that hosts APEX on another server. The client computer only needs network access to the server with the listener, the server with the listener needs network access to the database.
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