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    Copying module fails with ORA-00001

    Wendy Tromp
      I want to clone a report in Designer but I can't. I get this error:

      RME-02124: Failed to execute SQL statement: insert into ck_temporary_set (trans_ref, id, type_of, el_str, read_only, pass, marked, new_parent_id) values (:REF,:ELID,:TYPE, :ELSTR, :RO,:PASS, 'Y', :PARENT)
      RME-02105: Oracle error occurred...
      ORA-00001: unique constraint (REPOS.CK_TEMPORARY_SET_PK) violated

      ORA-00001: unique constraint (.) violated

      Can I just delete the rows in ck_temporary_set? I counted them, there are 1886 right now....