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    MapViewer and Google Maps V3


      What version of MapViewer supports google maps version 3?
      My code works with version 2 of google maps to integrate ADF MapViewer and Google Maps but with version 3 does not display my google map, the code is:

      type="javascript" <af:resource source="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?v=3&client=XXXX&sensor=false"/>
      type="javascript"> <af:resource
      var baseURL = "http://localhost:8888/mapviewer";

      setupMapView function ()
      AdfPage.PAGE.findComponent var map = ('pt1: mapid');
      var = map.getMVMapView MapView ();
      MVGoogleTileLayer googleBaseMap var = new ();
      mapview.addMapTileLayer (googleBaseMap);
      mapview.addNavigationPanel ();

      I think the problem is to create new MVGoogleTileLayer (), this is supported by V2 but V3?.

      Any ideas?