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    oracle.lite.sync.Consolidator.PubItemProps => isLogBased ?

      Hi All,

      I am a little confuse about isLogBased.

      Doc said:


      If true, log based (automatic) publication item will be created

      Does it mean that if isLogBased = true, then Oracle Lite does not use trigger process, but capture data

      in redo logs (like streams) ?

      Of course this does not work whith Standard Edition main db , only with enterpriseEdition ?

      If it is clear for you, thak you for your clarification.

      All the best.

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          Hi all,

          I was completely lost.

          Setting "isLogBased" to True enables automatic sync for a pub item.

          The following example uses the automatic synchronization version of createPublicationItem method, which uses the PubItemProps class to define all publication item definitions, including automatic synchronization, as follows:

          PubItemProps pi_props = new PubItemProps();
          pi_props.owner = "MASTER"; // owner schema
          pi_props.store = STORES[0]; // store
          pi_props.refresh_mode = "F"; //default // uses fast refresh
          pi_props.select_stmt = // specify select statement for snapshot
          "SELECT * FROM "+"MASTER"+"."+STORES[i][0]+ " WHERE C1 =:CLIENTID";
          pi_props.cl2log_rec_stmt = "SELECT base.C1 FROM " // client sub-query to
          + "MASTER"+"."+STORES[i][0] + " base," // return unique clientids
          + "MASTER"+".CLG$"+STORES[i][0] + " log"
          + " WHERE base.ID = log.ID";
          // Setting "isLogBased" to True enables automatic sync for this pub item.
          pi_props.isLogBased = true;
          // If doChangeNtf is true, automatic publication item sends notifications
          // from server about new/modified records
          pi_props.doChangeNtf = true;

          cm.createPublicationItem(PUBITEMS[i], pi_props);