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    Oracle Tuxedo workstation client pricing

      If i have Oracle Tuxedo server do I need to purchase additional licenses to install the workstation client on separate servers ? Or it is just like any software client, as long as you have the server, you can install the client for free at any number of different servers ?
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          Todd Little-Oracle

          Normal Oracle Tuxedo licensing is server CPU or core based. If you are under a CPU or core based license, then there is no additional license fee for workstation clients. However, there are licenses that are named user or user based. These would require additional licenses if you are adding additional users. It would be best to talk to your Oracle Account Executive to determine what sort of license you have and whether additional licensing would be required.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            I have to integrate services with a tuxedo server. My client has tuxedo 9.1 as server.

            If he has a license over the server, i dont need to purchase a license to install tuxedo as client? Even if i install tuxedo 11?
            Is there any restriction to use the server license with clients? The client will be inside the same network but in another machine.