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    Best SOAP Web Services Architecture for E-Commerce

      Hi there,
      I have developed an E-Commerce system following the normal way of
      developing Java web applications (all classes and JSP files in one Eclipse web project).

      I want to modularize the application, I want to split the application into
      two applications:

      1. The core app, with SOAP web services methods
      2. The client (front-end JSP files and some servlets to request/receive responses from the SOAP web services core app)

      Basically, I want the servlets in the client app to call the core SOAP web services app for data such as
      get product by ID, get customer by ID, etc...
      The core SOAP web services app would then return a response in an XML format, which I then
      would map to Java objects at the client application.

      My questions are:

      1. Is this the right way to go?
      2. Where should the session management be? At the client app?

      Hope you can help?

      I have been thinking about a proper architecture for 2 years and honestly it's been giving me sleeping problems.