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    Informatica 9 HF 2 DOM_10079 Unable to start Service BIA_RS on any node spe

      Hi All,

      I have installed Infomatica 9 , Hot fix 2 on a Solaris SPARC (64 bit) Version 10 machine. The installation was successful. However , I am now unable to create Repository Service.

      When I try to create the Integration service the following error Occurs

      Could Not execute action :

      *The PowerCenter repository was created but the service could not be enabled. You must enable the service before you can create content. The following error occured while attempting to create the content. Error - [DOM_10079]. Unable to start the service [BIA_RS] on any node specified for the service.*

      Am I missing anything in the setup? like environmental variables etc probably on Solaris ( I have set LANG, LC_ALL,NLS_LANG etc)

      Any pointers are appreciated.