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    Bug - unable to create new connections on SQL Developer 3.0.4

      Upgraded to SQL Developer 3.0.4 from 3.0.2 and we are unable to create new connections in the Connections pane on the left hand side.

      Clciking the green plus button and right clicking Connections and 'New Connection' doesn't bring up the New Database Connection dialog box.

      Works fine in previous versions. As a workaround, we are currently having to create connections in an older version and use the export / import to bring them into 3.0.4
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Antilles,

          Keep in mind that 3.0.02 was an early adopter release, and not even the last one prior to the 3.0.04 production release. It's always best to migrate your settings from an earlier production version. Try removing the settings folders under C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\SQL Developer for the earlier system3.x.x.x.x versions, then start-up SQL Developer again and do not migrate settings, or migrate from a production system2.1.0.x.x folder like system2.

          Make sure you have a good connections export or backup of your latest connections.xml. Finally, use a JDK like jdk1.6.0_11 or higher, but not jdk1.7.0.

          SQL Developer Team