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    package javax.faces.bean does not exist

      I am new to JSF. I tried to build a jsf application that runs on glassfish 3. I did not use IDEs.
      When I compile it , I encountered the following 4 errors:

      Error 1: package javax.inject.bean does not exist
      Error 2: package javax.faces.bean does not exist
      Error 3: cannot find symbol : class Named

      Error 4: cannot find symbol: class SessionScoped

      Please help me fix these errors.
      Thank you in advance.
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          You must also be new to Java if you don't know how to deal with these problems. Do you even know what the classpath is?

          I warn you right now: if you don't know the more advanced features of the Java platform (annotations, packages and the classpath, jar library usage, classloaders) you will basically get nowhere developing web applications - especially using a complex framework like JSF.