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    Designer Headstart Migration

      Hello Everyone.

      i have to migrate our current forms 6 to 11g including headstart.

      Kindly let me know what are the steps to follow and complication included in that.

      current model

      Database :
      Develop tools : Oracle Designer/Developer, Headstart Utility

      Proposed Model

      Database : 11g R2
      Develop tools : Oracle Designer/Developer with latest version ( might be 11g ).

      Thanks in advance.
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          Mark Striekwold
          Do you still have Forms 6 or Forms 6i?

          In a quick overview:
          Upgrade the Designer 6i repository to the Designer 10gR2 repository, Designer 11g does not exist.
          Remove the obsolete code for the client/server. Client/server code should be rewritten.
          Update your headstart to the latest version for Designer and your database.
          Update headstart code inside the application specific library. (hopefully your Headstart library were not changed)
          Rebuild your capi/tapi
          Rebuild your forms/liibrary/menu
          Do a lot of testing, to see if everything still works.