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    PO Receipt

      Hi Gurus,

      Are you aware of any functionality while doing PO Receipt which will default the subinventory automatically?The user does not want to enter the Sub Inventory one by one for each line.
      Also, can we receive multiple lines of PO(say10) at one step without individually selecting the line one by one?

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          In order to default the subinventory in the receipt level, you have to enter your preferred subinventory in the Purchase Order distribution level.

          There are no option for selecting multiple lines in a single attempt while receiving a PO.


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            Have you tried using Item Transaction Default?
            Give it a shot. Navigation Path: Under Inventory, Setup--> Transaction Setup --> Item Transaction Defaults --> New. Input required Item, select 'Receiving' from LOV under 'Default For' column and create desired records.

            To select multiple records on a Form (PO Receipt) try going to Edit and select 'Select All'.