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    Configure Remote OpenMq with Glassfish or JBoss as7


      I want to configure Glassfish 3.1 or JBoss as7 for OpenMQ as Remote Queue (Same m/c diff JVM). I've successfully created queue and queueconnection factory in Standalone OpenMQ at port 7677 and can access it( writing to and reading from the queue) from Standalone spring project .
      Now I want to configure that remote queue (OpenMQ) any of the above mentioned Apps Server. I don't want to use embedded queue and I like to use JTA transaction
      manager as well because I want to do 2-phase commit at my Oracle database.
      I have tried mutiple ways but could not failing at jndi lookup for connection factory or proper transaction setup.
      Could anyone provide me detailed information on remote openMQ queue setup at app server please?

      Problem faced:
      Glassfish 3.1 is very very slow. hangs everything in my machine. Please help to make it fast. I use asadmin commands still no luck.
      JBoss AS7 : This version provides MDB support. Always ends up finding HornetQ and causing exception.. But I want to use OpenMQ remotely and also with JTA Transaction manager.

      I know I am asking for huge details but It'll help me a lot as we can get rid of Webspere MQ and sWAS erver in developement environment. FYI I'd like to use jee-jndi lookup in spring config file of my project (generating EAR) so that when we change from Glassfish/JBoss the config file change will be minimal.