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    multpathing does not work for netapp san with qlogic hba card

      We have a test server running solaris 9
      with an old Qlogic HBA card (the driver installed being qla2300.v5.sparc_pkg) to test multipathing
      with mpxio

      We inserted just one card (but connected via 2 paths to Netapp SAN)

      Before doing the tasks of enabling mpxio
      (e.g. changing the scsi_vhci.conf ... etc),

      Issuing command: echo | format
      gives 2 entries of the same LUN:

      c3t0d0 <NETAPP-LUN-0.2 cyl 6167 alt 2 hd 16 sec 1280> /pci@1e,600000/fibre-channel@/sd@0,0

      c3t1d0 <NETAPP-LUN-0.2 cyl 6167 alt 2 hd 16 sec 1280> /pci@1e,600000/fibre-channel@3/sd@1,0

      But even after enabling mpxio , the command output is still the same (when I would expect just 1 line, and that the logical device will be changed
      to the long name like "c2t50001FE1002709F8d1")

      So what have I missed out. I have checked those
      lines in scsi_vhci.conf many times and they should be okay.

      A few hints which might help the gurus here to
      detect what's wrong with our settings:

      (1) The command "cfgadm -al" gives:

      c1 scsi-bus connected configured unknown
      c1::dsk/c1t0d0 disk connected configured unknown
      c1::dsk/c1t1d0 disk connected configured unknown
      c2 scsi-bus connected unconfigured unknown

      Note that c1 is the connection to its internal disk
      But I wonder why there's no c3 (which is the port to netapp)

      (2) The command "luxadm probe" gives only this

      No Network Array enclosures found in /dev/es
      No FC devices found.

      (3) We also installed the software Netapp "solaris host utilities" which when configured has added lines to the /kernel/drv/ssd.conf

      I notice there's a line:
      name="ssd" parent="scsi_vhci" target=0;

      and it doesn't change sd.conf

      But in the echo | format command , it shows
      the netapp disk was using sd driver instead
      (i.e. /pci@1e,600000/fibre-channel@3/sd@0,0 )

      and how about the /kernel/drv/fp.conf ?
      This file is not changed at all. Must I add the
      line "mpxio-disable=no"
      since it is using the sd driver (and not the ssd driver?)

      Really confused about when it should use
      ssd.conf , sd.conf and fp.conf

      Please could someone enlighten me
      Thanks in advance
        • 1. Re: multpathing does not work for netapp san with qlogic hba card
          Currently your Netapp seviced via sd drivers , not ssd.

          MPXIO work only with ssd.

          You need:
          1. Remove qla2300.v5.sparc_pkg
          2. Install SAN Foundation kit for Solaris9 ( in case already not installed).
          3. Install Patches for SFK. List of patches, can be found on support.oracle.com.
          Or see thread: multipathing enable: migrate from netapp to hds

          4. Possible need make recomendation that posted at scsi_vhci.conf:
          # For enabling MPxIO support for 3rd party symmetric device need an
          # entry similar to following in this file. Just replace the "SUN     SENA"
          # part with the Vendor ID/Product ID for the device, exactly as reported by
          # Inquiry cmd.
          # This functionality requires patch 113039-02 (or higher).
          # device-type-scsi-options-list =
          # "SUN     SENA", "symmetric-option";
          # symmetric-option = 0x1000000;
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            Thanks Nik for the reply.
            I never know mpxio ONLY work with ssd drivers

            You said:
            Remove qla2300.v5.sparc_pkg
            But the reason why I download this driver
            was that without it, my solaris 9 could not
            even recognise the HBA card.

            Now do you mean the Solaris SAN package
            (which I had installed and applied patches)
            could drive this old qa23000 HBA card without
            using that qla2300 driver ?

            But how ?
            Could you detail the steps to do so.

            Thanks again
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              SFK ( SAN Foundation kit) + Patches content drivers for qla2300.

              About ssd.

              Just read MAN:

              man scsi_vhci
              The scsi_vhci driver is a SCSA compliant pseudo nexus driver
              that supports multipath services for fibre channel attached
              SCSI-3 devices.

              sd - SCSI disk
              ssd - driver for FC disk.

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                To make it even simpler (unless things have changed recently):

                - qlc driver from Oracle/Sun: works with all QLogic HBAs and supports Solaris-native multipathing
                - qla driver from QLogic: works with all QLogic HBAs but DOES NOT support Solaris-native multipathing

                You do NOT want to try doing multipathing with QLogic's qla driver unless you really know what you're doing.
                • 5. Re: multpathing does not work for netapp san with qlogic hba card
                  Bravo. Yes, that's the qla problem.

                  I've uninstalled the qla2300 and then installed
                  the SUN SAN Foundation 4.4 package
                  (which has the qlc drivers) and could then
                  see the Qlogic card and Netapp disk (by issuing the cfgadm -c configure commands)

                  Then did the mpxio enabling tasks and that's it.

                  By the way, we have a production Solaris 9 server
                  with an Emulex LP10000 card, and soon it will have to
                  do multipathing to the Netapp SAN.

                  When it was installed long time ago, the driver
                  used was lpfc and not emlxs.
                  I think this case is similar to the case above
                  (like qla2300 driver, the lpfc cannot do multi-path )
                  So I will have to uninstall the lpfc driver and
                  install the SUN SAN Foundation 4.4 (which has the
                  emlxs) and then perform the mpxio enabling tasks.
                  Is this procedure correct ? (I must make sure of this as it is a production server) Any other things to watchout ?


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                  • 6. Re: multpathing does not work for netapp san with qlogic hba card
                    Procedure look like correct. After install SAN Foundation Kit - strong recommend - install latest pathces for it.

                    Best - update FW on HBA also.