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    JVue Scripting - openMarkup()

      Using the Oracle supplied JVue applet, there seems to be a difference between:
      [1] openMarkup('*');
      [2] openMarkup('CSI_DocID=aaaa');

      While both usages do open markups in the GUI, usage [1] preserves filenames associated with each markup in the GUI while usage [2] does not (each markup is simply labelled 'Markup'). My DMS is a very slightly modified version of the filesys demo so there could certainly be something in my backend code. What perplexes me is that both usages call the backend so I would expect similar results. I am continuing to investigate and will post what I find but would appreciate any pointers if someone has faced this before.
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          Try this:
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            The solution suggested did work. I would note that the documentation was misleading as it stated that docname would open a local file and docid would open a dms file. Using the two in combination, separated by a semi-colon, was not explained.
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              Actually, I have to post a further clarification:
              Further research showed that using the docid with the docname resulted in a sequence of events that may or may not be desirable for the implementation. The sequence of events for including docname or excluding docname seem to be almost identical; the exception is, when docname is included, the applet seems to download the file from either the local filesystem or directly from the autovue server... however, the DMS Servlet is definitely not used.

              My final solution was to rever back to method call [1]. This method call uses the DMS to retrieve all markups related to the base document and respects its meta-data such as 'readonly'.