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    PSVC application death detected

      Please Help!

      My Sunfire V490 has an error in /var/adm/messages indicating "picld[129]: [ID 230523 daemon.error] PSVC application death detected".

      SunOS apgdb3 5.10 Generic_125100-05 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V490

      I did a search an realize that this error is related to Platform Service. The most common cause of this is that server platform-specific patches are not up to date.
      For SunOS 5.9, Solaris 9, there is a recommendation to install patch 113447-23. Patch 113447-23 is obsoleted by patch 118558-39 and 118558-39 is recommended for SunOS 5.9.

      1) How can I fix the error "PSVC application death detected" in SunOS 5.10?
      2) If I want to install patch 118558-39 of SunOS 5.9 in SunOS 5.10 Solaris 10, how can I find a equivalent patch for SunOS 5.10?
      3) If I want to install/update platform-specific patches for Sunfire V490, SunOS 5.10, which patch(es) should be the right one? (I did a search, many results return)

      Much appreciated for your help.