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      We are upgrading to R12, when-new-item-instance trigger written for radio group not firing. using USO-821 Order Administrator Responsibility the function order capture.After clicking on actions push button

      opening Copy Quote for this Form Personalization written.

      For Radio Group Copy-Group when-new-item-instance trigger written but this trigger not firing,but In 11i Instance its Firing.

      trigger-event: when-new-item-instance


      condition:when copy_group='ALL'

      Action: showing message.

      The same when-new-instance trigger written in form item level and trigger execution hierarchy properties 'OVERRIDE'.

      Just I am thinking this overriding by Item level trigger of form.

      Please kindly help me quickly .What I need to do?

      How can I make trigger to Fire?

      Please kindly give solution.....Its very urgent Requirement.pls help me.