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    problem with wsrp 2.0 Portlet Events - different applications


      In webcenter, I have two portlet producer applications (jsr286) on two separate pages in one portal.

      Portlet 1 on page 1 defines supported-publishing-event and event-definition in the portlet.xml, and uses the ActionResponse.setEvent method to publish the event and associated object.

      Portlet 2 on page 2 defines corresponding supported-processing-event and event-definition in the portlet.xml, and has @ProcessEvent with corresponding qname annotation to receive the event when published.

      The problem is that when Portlet 1 publishes an event, it does not get to Portlet 2 and we remain in page 1 after rendering Portlet 1.

      I expect Portlet 2 to to receive the event, perform it's action and render activities, and show page 2.

      These features are explicitly mentioned in the Portlets in Action book Chapter 11 as Portlet 2.0 features.

      Can you give me some guidance to get this working?

      User 862605