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    Where can I specify search specification for a BIP report?

      We are on and integrated BIP with it. We converted Actuate reports to BIP reports. In actuate, we can specify what data to bring in to the report by using a search specification. In a BIP report, where can I specify the search specification? Is it in the integration object or in the application? We have a lot of reports that fetch data based on the child BCs using EXISTS query. How do we do the same thing in BIP?
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          You can do this in the IO object, in the reports business service if you are using that, in BIP itself (unlikely if using the siebel security model), in the template you create (using XSL translations) or simply by the query you ran in the application. The choice is rather large.

          The most typical (using the button rather than the business service) tends to be primarily driven by the query or selected records with the IO object viewmode changed to open up record in child views the user running the report does not own and with XSL to tie down specific requirements (e.g., parent links that are specified in an applet rather than buscomp in the app could be done in XSL using).

          Play with it and then post any specific questions here. I recommend a basic XSL tutorial if you are new to it, e.g., http://www.w3schools.com/xsl.
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            Thank you for the response. I am trying to convert an actuate report that basically queries for open or pending SRs assigned to a particular division, groups the data by owner and show count of SRs for each owner and then a grand total of SRs. I was able to create the .rtf for report template. Report is working fine as long as I query for the correct data in the Siebel application. I put searchspec on IO component in IO Component User Prop (I gave user property name = searchspec; value = the searchspec I need for the report), compiled the IO, but it does not seem to take effect. Report always is taking whatever data is shown on the application, it is ignoring the searchspec given in IO. How do I need to specify the searchspec on IO?
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            I appreciate it.
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              If you want the flexibility of passing different data into the report you keep it the way you have it now and train users, e.g., run a PDQ first.

              For the scenario you just described where the report parameters seem to be consistent and you want to avoid user selection I would either build the report using the reports business service or build it directly in BI Publisher. I almost consistently use the reports business service now but if you asked me a year ago I would not have given the same answer. I suspect the reason I have changed is related to recently working with BIP dedicated to Siebel whereas in past projects I may have had a mix of Siebel/OBI/other data sources.

              The reports business service is quite simple to implement in workflow and the search specification you pass in is as a method argument, Bookmark.

              I suggest you read:

              Siebel BI Publisher 8 Reports Business Service [ID 823360.1]

              There is also a document called Siebel BI Publisher Integration Concepts which while not entirely valid since it was written before Siebel built their own button is a useful reference to understand where things happen. (Note, Siebel patch moves things on again and I am not impressed with the white paper supporting that).

              There are also a decent references in blogs out on the internet regarding this, including ones from regular contributers to this forum (mroshaw for example) and one I referenced a lot myself wrote by a Dutch guy but I don't have the address to hand.

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                Thank you for the information. Yesterday I played with the reports business service in a workflow and I tested the workflow in a business service simulator and it is working fine. But I have another question now. How do I make the workflow available to the users? I do not want to put a button for each report on any of the applet to invoke the workflow. I do not know if I can invoke it from a menu item or not. Please give me an idea of how to trigger the workflow to run the report.
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