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    Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration

    Nitesh Jain-Oracle
      ---News Facts
      *To provide healthcare customers with comprehensive healthcare integration capabilities within a unified enterprise application infrastructure platform, Oracle announced Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration.
      *Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration delivers healthcare message standards support, dashboards and monitoring for healthcare collaboration, and a toolkit for rapid HIPAA 5010 upgrade and compliance.
      *Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration helps healthcare organizations lower operating costs and speeds time-to-market by delivering a consistent user interface, management console and monitoring environment, as well as healthcare libraries and templates for healthcare customer projects.
      *Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration capabilities are part of the Healthcare Adapter for Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
      *A component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle SOA Suite 11g is an integrated, best-of-breed suite that helps organizations rapidly design and assemble, deploy and manage, highly agile and adaptable business applications.

      ---New Features Streamline Healthcare Integration in Oracle SOA Suite 11g
      *Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration is fully configurable and extensible, providing a highly flexible platform for collaboration across all healthcare domains.
      *The new specialized integration capabilities provide healthcare organizations with:
      **Healthcare message standards support: delivers support for messaging and exchange standards used extensively within healthcare domains, such as hospitals, health systems and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). These include:
      **Messaging standards – HL7, X12N, HIPAA
      **Exchange standards – MLLP (v1.0, v2.0), TCP/IP, AS2 (for HIPAA)
      **Simplified dashboards for healthcare collaboration: helps users easily define documents and endpoints through a simplified user experience and advanced monitoring capabilities that support end-to-end healthcare message tracking.
      **A toolkit for rapid HIPAA 5010 upgrade and compliance: provides pre-defined healthcare integration mapping for HIPAA standards that is fully customizable and extensible.

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