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    cfgadm -c configure command does not work

      I am working on the mpxio enable testing.
      I succeeded in getting it work for test server 1
      (which has a Qlogic HBA )

      Now I want to make it work on test server 2
      (which has the emulex HBA).
      I was up to the stage where I installed
      the Sun San Foundation Package with the
      latest drivers and patches.

      I unplugged the cable from server 1
      and plugged it to server 2 (since i do not
      want to trouble our SAN admin staff to assign
      new LUNs )
      I did the cfgadmin -al command to verify
      that the fibre channel is there , to see this line:

      c4 fc-fabric connected unconfigured

      Then did the
      cfgadmin -c configure c4

      But after this command it still showed it is unconfigured.

      What are the usual reasons for the "configure"
      not work ?

      Is it due to the SAN side? Like it has to grant my
      test server 2 the permission to use the LUNs.
      (in other words, I cannot simply unplug the cable
      from one server to another to see the SAN disk)